Therapy Boots

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21 Results

Horses have no muscles below their knees and hocks; their legs move as a function of the complex structure of bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. As an equestrian, it is important to protect your horse's delicate legs in order to keep them sound and comfortable over the duration of the riding or driving careers. We carry a selection of leg protection boots for horses that have integrated therapeutic properties. These can be used to prevent injury as well as give horses with arthritis, soft tissue injuries, or weak tendons and ligaments the added support that they need.

Our therapeutic horse boots from Back on Track utilize Welltex fabric for the boot lining. This gently reflects your horse's own body heat back to his or her body and provides a soothing infrared heat. These FDA-approved therapy products decrease soreness and stiffness while also reducing pain and inflammation. We carry bell boots, splint boots, exercise boots, hind boots, hock boots, knee boots, and tendon boots which are all infused with the Welltex technology. Many equestrians utilize these boots for schooling their horses and going on trail rides, but they are also appropriate for turnout and even with your horse is stabled.

For horses who are undergoing rehab from a soft tissue injury or bone injury, we also carry a full inventory of Cold and HydroTherapy products, Magnetic Therapy products, and Thermal Warmth Therapy products.

Give your horse the gift of comfort, soundess, and leg protection when you shop our therapeutic equine boots. If you have questions regarding the equine leg protection with therapeutic properties or would like assistance choosing the right therapy boots for your horse, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and highly trained sales staff who have years of experience with the horse products that we carry.