Trailer Feeders

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3 Results

Keep your horse consistently eating by providing high-quality forage over the duration of their trailer rides. By keeping your horse's digestive tract working throughout their ride, you can help to avoid colic and ulcers, while giving your horse something pleasant to focus on. Let's face it, many horses love to eat! Learn more about keeping your horse happy and healthy while traveling on our blog, Summer Trailering Precautions.

We carry a number of trailer feeders from quality equine brands, including Professional's Choice, Weaver Leather, and Dura-Tech. These feeders conveniently clip to the corner of a slant-load trailer. They hold multiple flakes of hay and are easy to refill during pit stops.

Made of durable vinyl or strong polyester, many of the trailer feeders, like the Professional's Choice Trailer Corner Feeder and the Weaver Poly Corner Feeder, feature mesh bottoms. This allows the dust and hay chaff to fall through the mesh, so that your horse does not consume it or breathe it into their delicate respiratory tract.

These corner feeders can also be utilized in the corner of a stall or paddock to feed hay and grain, making them highly versatile pieces of horse equipment.

In addition to our online and in-store stock of trailer feeders, we also carry a full selection of hay bags and hay nets.

Trailer feed bags have a myriad of uses around the barn and on the go. If you have any questions about the various feeders that we carry or would like assistance making your purchase, we invite you to connect with a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff.