Polo & Exercise Bandages

35 Results
35 Results

Protect and support your horse's legs during work with a set of polo wraps or exercise bandages. Designed to be worn during riding sessions or groundwork, they can be used as an alternative to protective boots. Available in a number of different colors and lengths, we have a pair of polo wraps to fit every horse or pony as well as every taste and budget.

At The Cheshire Horse, we carry polo wraps from a number of trusted equine manufacturers including Lettia, Centaur, Cashel, Professional's Choice, and Lami-Cell. The soft, stretchy material of these wraps gently supports the tendons and ligaments while protecting from cuts and bruises. They are perfect to use over superficial wounds while riding to keep them clean and free of dirt and debris.

We pride ourselves on being able to fit horses of all shapes and sizes! The Jacks Deluxe Polo Wraps - Extra Long are ideal for draft horses or large warmbloods. On the other side of the scale, we stock Jacks Pony Polo Bandages. For the very small equine or miniature horse in your life, the Tough-1 Miniature Polo Wraps are perfectly sized for petite legs.

Traditional fleece polo wraps are popular among many equestrians, although in extremely warm temperatures you may find that your horse's legs are overheating under the wraps. The Eskadron Climatex Training Polo Bandages remedy this with an innovative bandage liner that keeps your horse's legs cool and comfortable throughout your workout.

Washing your polo wraps can be a tricky situation! While they often do not have any special care requirements, they can often become knotted in the washing machine. Combat this with the Laundry Bag For Polo Wraps from Intrepid International which keeps your wraps tangle-free.

Are polo wraps or exercise bandages the right fit for your horse and your situation? Refer to our blog to learn more about equine leg protection or reach out to a member of our friendly sales staff who have years of experience in the barn and in the saddle.