English Spurs

35 Results
35 Results

Reinforce your leg aids with the help of a pair of English spurs. Designed specifically to be worn by hunter, jumper, dressage, and three-day event riders, these artificial aids are an ideal way for experienced equestrians to fine-tune their communication with their horse.

The proper pair of spurs will vary from person to person and even from horse to horse. It is imperative that you take your experience as well as your leg length and strength into account when you are purchasing a pair of spurs. The sensitivity and disposition of your horse will also play a large part of making your selection. We carry a wide assortment of English spurs from Centaur, Intrepid International, Jeffries Saddlery, Korsteel, and a number of other trusted equestrian manufacturers. We do our best to ensure that we have spurs to fit the needs of every horse and rider combination.

The Prince of Wales style spur is a simple and traditional non-rowelled spur that is popular among many equestrians. Available in a number of shank lengths, these spurs can serve as a gentle reminder to your horse or provide motivation for forward or lateral movements. The Tom Thumb Prince Of Wales Dressage Spurs are ideal for introducing your horse to spurs with the snubnose shank. For more experienced riders and horses, Stubben Dynamic Spurs 25mm are a popular option; the longer shank allows the rider to make cues to the horse by barely moving their leg.

Sensitive horses respond well to the Stubben Soft Touch Spurs and the Stubben Soft Touch Dynamic Spurs, with a soft roller ball that allows the rider to give mild commands. For horses that require more leg, we also carry rowelled spurs such as the Dynamic Dressage Spurs with Wide Rowel from Stubben.

Our wide variety of spurs means that you have the opportunity to choose the right pair for you and your horse. For assistance making your purchase, we invite you to consult with a member of our experienced and friendly sales staff.