Barn & Livestock

24 Results
24 Results

Caring for livestock and building a sustainable farm is a goal for many people, especially those who are interested in homesteading. At The Cheshire Horse, we carry a wide variety of written resources to support you on your journey.

Our collection of barn and livestock books serve as an excellent reference guide. We carry books that explore the raising of sheep, cattle, dairy cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, and rabbits. Our inventory also includes books about general livestock husbandry practices, haying, designing working farms, and fence installation and selection.

We also carry a selection of books that will appeal to anyone who is interested in beekeeping. With beekeeping how-to guides and troubleshooting homesteading resources, you will quickly learn the ins and outs of having a healthy and active hive. With books for beginner beekeepers as well as seasoned apiarists, our library of books from Storey Publishing and other trusted publishing houses will appeal to every bee enthusiast.

Armed with the right equipment and a bit of knowledge, anyone can be a successful livestock owner or homesteading farmer. If you have questions regarding which livestock reference would be appropriate for you, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly sales staff. Books also make great gifts, consider surprising someone you love with the encouragement to pick up this eco-friendly lifestyle!