Other Pony Tack & Equipment

24 Results
24 Results

Small, medium, and large - ponies come in all shapes and sizes! We simply love ponies and carry a wide variety of pony-sized tack and equipment to make it easy to shop for your petite equine companion.

We carry an assortment of pony tack and accessories from your favorite equestrian brands, including Tory Leather, Shires, and Bobby’s English Leather. These companies demand the same high-quality and exacting standards in their pony tack as they do in their larger horse-sized counterparts.

Due to their small stature, ponies may not be able to be ridden by adults. This makes quality groundwork essential to having a well-trained and cooperative pony. A high-quality leather or nylon surcingle allows you to longline or ground drive the pony to simulate riding or driving from the safety of the ground. From basic controls like steering to move advanced lateral movements, there is no limit to what you can teach your pony from the ground.

If you or your child ride a round pony or frequently ride downhills on the trail, you may have experienced your saddle slipping forward onto your pony’s neck. This is a fairly common problem for pony riders, and, with the right equipment, it’s easy to solve. A quality crupper fits within the saddle gullets easily and comfortably wraps around the dock of your pony’s tail. This stabilizes the saddle and keeps it securely in place.

Whether you ride or drive your pony, we aim to be your one-stop shop for everything pony. If you have any questions about sizing or would like assistance making your pony product purchase, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and pony-loving sales staff.