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21 Results
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All-purpose saddles are versatile English saddles that can be used for many riding disciplines. The forward flap with knee blocks makes all-purpose saddles appropriate for jumping and gallop sets, while the deeper seat and longer flap keep the rider balanced when practicing dressage and working their horse on the flat. Many beginner equestrians, trail riders, and pleasure riders find all-purpose saddles to be comfortable and meet their needs.

Our selection of high-quality leather all-purpose saddles from Bates Saddlery, Thorowgood, and Arena Saddles (from the makers of Bates saddles) are designed to fit horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes. The Arena Saddles from Bates have been developed with Horse and Rider Technology (HART). Featuring an easy-change gullet system, an Elastiflex tree, Performance panel technology, and the innovative CAIR cushion system, these saddles provide exceptional comfort to both horse and rider at an attractive price point.

We also carry a wide variety of synthetic all-purpose saddles from Wintec and Tekna. Some riders prefer synthetic saddles due to their ease of care, and they are also priced lower than their leather counterparts. The durable and water-resistant synthetic saddle options will withstand the test of time without breaking your budget. The interchangeable gullet system on many of the saddles we carry ensures that the saddles will fit your horse’s unique conformation.

At The Cheshire Horse, we want to help you find the right all-purpose saddle for you and your horse. If you have any questions regarding saddle measurements or tree size, we encourage you to speak with a member of our knowledgeable and helpful sales staff. For our local customers, we are also pleased to offer professional saddle fitting services. Our saddles are all eligible for a generous seven-day trial program, learn more by reading, The Cheshire Horse Saddle Trial Program