Pony Saddle Pads

8 Results
8 Results

Riding ponies is enjoyed by equestrians of all ages. Due to their small size and short backs, ponies have additional considerations when it comes to saddle and saddle pad fit. At The Cheshire Horse, we love ponies and have a large selection of pony-sized tack and equipment, including an extensive selection of pony English saddle pads.

Carrying all of your favorite equestrian brands, including PRI, TuffRider, and Weaver, we have a saddle pad for every pony and every pony rider. Pony saddle pads have shorter spines and are generally smaller than their horse-sized counterparts. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, we can accommodate every taste, budget, and riding style.

Close contact saddle pads are shaped to the saddle. These saddle pads are typically used by hunter/jumper riders at horse shows and occasionally for schooling.

All-purpose pads are perhaps the most popular schooling saddle pads. These pads fit all-purpose saddles and close contact saddles, making them extremely versatile. They also come in a rainbow of colors and a myriad of patterns which appeal to many young equestrians. We carry a number of quilted all-purpose pads that provide a slight cushion for your pony's back.

Dressage riders require a pony dressage pad to accommodate the longer flaps of their dressage saddles. A girth strap and hook-and-loop billet straps keep the saddle and pad properly positioned for the duration of your ride.

In addition to our selection of English pony saddle pads, we also carry a number of Western pony saddle pads.

Let's hear it for the ponies! If you have any questions about the pony pads that we carry or would like assistance selecting the right saddle for your pony, we invite you to speak with a member of our knowledgeable, pony-loving sales staff.