Therapy Products

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31 Results

For the horse experiencing soreness, inflammation, or stress, The Cheshire Horse carries a variety of therapeutic products that will target each of these different issues.

Does your horse get swollen legs from heavy exercise? Cold therapy is a great treatment for inflammation, and it's made easy with cold therapy boots. At The Cheshire Horse, we offer a variety of ice therapy boots to help you treat inflammation with ease. Professional's Choice Ice Boots and 6 Pocket Ice Boot are high quality boots made with freezable gel pockets that wrap comfortably around a horse's legs. We also carry Shires Hot/Cold Relief Boots that treat your horse's legs with both cold and hot therapy. Need cooling relief in other places? See our selection of liniments that will help your horse's sore muscles all over.

Thermal warmth therapy products also help in the prevention of soreness and inflammation, as well as increasing blood circulation. The Cheshire Horse carries a variety of products that work with thermal warmth therapy to target specific problem areas on your horse. For legs and hooves, check out the bell boots, leg wraps, and hock and knee boots from Back on Track and Professional's Choice. These therapy boots are sure to ease pain and stiffness. If your horse has trouble warming up under saddle, consider a Back on Track All Purpose Saddle Pad or Back on Track Nylon Exercise Sheet, both made with special fabric to keep your horse's back muscles warm and supple during exercise. During turnout, you might also make use of a thermal therapy sheet like the Professional's Choice Theramic Sheet or Back on Track Therapeutic Turnout Sheet.

Take advantage of magnetic therapy for your nervous horse with the Professional's Choice Magnetic Poll Piece, a slim magnetic strip that easily slides on to the crown piece of any halter or bridle to encourage calm.

For daily treatment of muscles, joints, and stress, also browse The Cheshire Horse's wide array of supplements.