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81 Results

A correctly adjusted running martingale can be a helpful training aid for horses that routinely flip their head or raise their head in an effort to evade the bit. These pieces of training tack ensure that the bit remains properly positioned in your horse's mouth so that you can maintain proper contact. A running martingale is comprised of a forked leather strap which reaches from the girth to the reins and a separate leather neck strap that holds the martingale properly in place.

We carry a number of durable running martingales from trusted equestrian brands including Bobby's English Tack, Gatsby, Henri de Rivel, Nunn Finer, Ovation, and Shires Equestrian. They are available in horse, cob, oversized, and pony sizing, as well as a number of various colors to match your bridle and saddle. Some equestrians prefer the flat running martingales for schooling as they are exceptionally easy to clean; we also carry raised running martingales for a classic touch at horse shows.

Running martingales are allowed in certain disciplines, such as the jumpers, for competitions. If you have any questions regarding the legality of any equipment, we encourage you to refer to your association's rule book or speak with a licensed steward.

When using a running martingale, we recommend that you utilize rubber rein stops in order to prevent the rings of the martingale from becoming stuck on the bit or the buckles of the reins. In addition to running martingales, we also carry a variety of standing martingales and martingale attachments.

When introducing new equipment to your horse, such as a running martingale, work slowly and under the watchful eye of an experienced equestrian.

A running martingale can help you communicate clearly with your horse. If you have any questions regarding running martingales or would like assistance selecting the right martingale for your horse, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly sales staff who have years of hands-on experience with the tack and horse care products that we carry.