Dog Treat Dispensers & Refills

5 Results
5 Results

Dog treat dispensers are the perfect combination of tasty snacks and dog toys. These durable dog toys hold treats to keep your canine companion entertained for hours. Perfect for rewarding your dog for good behavior as well as occupying your dog and preventing boredom, treat dispensers are popular with dogs and puppies of all ages. Many dog owners also utilize treat dispensers to direct their dog’s attention and make crate training more enjoyable.

We carry high-quality treat dispensers and treat refills from your favorite pet supply brands including Kong, Messy Mutts, PetSafe, and Starmark. Some of the dog toys release treats when rolled, while others encourage chewing or licking for your dog to access the tasty reward. Treat dispensing dog toys are popular for playful pups as well as dogs who are highly food motivated. By making them work for the treat, they slow your dog’s consumption and encourage them to be active.

For your dog’s safety, we recommend supervising your dog carefully whenever they are playing with a treat dispenser.

Part toy, part treat, and 100% fun, our inventory of dog treat dispensers will intrigue your playful pup and provide hours of entertainment. If you have any questions regarding the treat toys that we carry as well as the appropriate dog treat refills, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and dog-loving sales staff.