Hoof Polishes

7 Results
7 Results

When you head off to a competition, you clean your tack, wash your horse, and meticulously band or braid your horse's mane. If you are looking to put the final touch on your turnout, consider using hoof polish.

Hoof polish adds a glossy finish to your horse's hooves, which helps to repel dirt and even mud. Whether you are trotting through the in-gate or cantering up to the first fence on course, clean and shiny hooves let the judge know that you have done everything that you could to prepare for your performance. We carry hoof polish from a number of trusted brands such as Absorbine, Fiebing's, Leovet, and Schneiders. We have what you need to make a fantastic first impression.

Fiebing's Hoof Polish, Absorbine SuperShine Hoof Polish, and Schneiders Ultra Hoof Polish are available in both black and clear options depending on your preference and the color of your horse's hooves. Coming standard with its own applicator, it is easy to use and apply.

Not all hoof polish is for adding a bit a flair to your turnout, however. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, Mustad Tuff-Stuff also works to strengthen the hoof wall and maintain its integrity. This product is ideal for horses with weak or crumbling hooves or horses that have a soft hoof wall due to living in a damp environment.

For the kids who love to play dress-up with their horse, we have just the thing. Twinkle Toes Hoof Polish is available in both glitter and bright color options. Lessons and trail rides are a lot more exciting when your pony's hooves match your nail polish!

Hoof polish (of all colors!) can easily be removed with Schneiders Ultra Hoof Polish Remover. Keep a bottle in your tack trunk in order to remove it easily after you compete or if you accidentally get polish on your horse's fur or coronary band.

Please note: colored hoof polish (even black) is not legal for all breeds and disciplines. Make sure that you are aware of your associations rules before applying hoof polish at a horse show.