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Proper care of your horse's hooves is one of the most important aspects of horse care. All horses' feet face different challenges, based on genetics, lifestyle, and maintenance, and it is vital to maintain the health of all four hooves to ensure your horse's happiness, performance, and comfort. If you're facing abscesses, thrush, soreness, or other hoof challenges, see The Cheshire Horse for a variety of tools and treatments. Learn more about frequently asked hoof care questions and concerns by reading our blog post, Farrier Erin Wessells Answers Common Questions about Hoof Care.

Are you looking for relief for your horse's feet while riding on pavement? Does your horse lose shoes often? Or do you need more traction on slippery trails? The Cheshire Horse's selection of hoof boots are an easy solution to many issues horse owners have with their horse's sensitive feet. Our collection of boots are made to provide general support to your horse's feet, as well as to target specific injury or faults in your horse's feet. EasyCare has developed a wide selection of EasyBoots that support hooves with thin soles, laminitis, abscesses, or that simply need cushion when standing on hard surfaces. For security when riding, check out the sport boots from Cavallo, which are specially designed to help your horse get more traction during exercise of all types. To treat some of the same problems that call for a boot, you may also consider some of our quality hoof packing and repair products. Hoof packing also helps to cushion sore feet, reduce inflammation, retain moisture, and protect injury to the sole.

To maintain hoof health and find great treatments for common hoof issues, see The Cheshire Horse's incredible selection of conditioners, dressings, disinfectants, thrush treatments, soaking boots and general care products. Keep your horse's hooves healthy and strong with one of our excellent hoof conditioners from trusted brands like Absorbine, Carr & Day & Martin, and Farnam. These products will moisturize and strengthen, while also preventing drying, cracking, thrush, and crumbling of the hoof wall.

If you are looking for direct relief from thrush, abscesses, or other hoof-related problems, see our extensive selection of thrush treatments, disinfectants, and other hoof care products. For many treatments, you'll need a soaking boot as well. The classic Davis Horse Boot works well to soak a hoof for any treatment.

The Cheshire Horse's selection of hoof supplements will also help in the regular maintenance of your horse's feet. We carry many supplements that will provide the nutrients necessary to sustain healthy hoof development.

Looking to "polish up" at your next show? Grab some hoof polish to keep your horse's feet clean and shiny. Choose from our selection of Absorbine, Fiebing's, Schneider's, and Mustad hoof polishes. If you're feeling whimsical, paint your horse's feet with Twinkle satin or sparkle polishes!

At The Cheshire Horse, we make it our mission to ensure that our customers are happy and confident with their purchase. We invite you to reach out to a member of our friendly and highly trained sales staff for product recommendations and assistance making your purchase.