Boot Accessories

24 Results
24 Results

Many equestrians routinely use boots on their horse during exercise, turnout, and trailering. We carry an assortment of horse boot accessories to make it easy to protect your horse's legs during their daily activities while keeping your horse comfortable and happy.

If you ride in muddy or wet conditions, you know it can be a challenge to keep your horse's boots clean. By utilizing a pair of boot covers, such as the ones we carry from Professional's Choice, you can protect the boots (particularly Sports Medicine Boots and Tendon Boots) from water and dirt while keeping your horse's legs clean and dry. Boot covers are easy to care for as well; simply hose off the covers and hang to dry in preparation for your next ride.

Sometimes, horses with sensitive skin or those who sweat profusely may develop rubs or sores from their boots. EquiFit's Adhesive GelSquares adhere to your boot's lining and work to protect your horse from rubs, chafing, and irritation. This is a great item to keep on hand in your tack trunk in case of emergency.

In addition to our equine boot accessories, we also carry a full inventory of Bell Boots, Fetlock Boots, Hind Boots, Hock Boots, Hoof Boots, Open Front Boots, Performance Boots, Shipping Boots, Splint Boots, and Therapy Boots.

Learn more about the various types of equine leg protection and their applications on our blog post, Horse Boots & Wraps. If you have questions about the specific horse boot accessories that we carry or would like assistance troubleshooting a particular issue you are having, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly sale staff who all have years of hands-on horse experience.