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31 Results
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A flash noseband can be an excellent tool for a horse with a busy mouth. Characterized by a thin strap that attaches to the cavesson and extends below the bit, a flash noseband can keep your horse from crossing his jaw or putting his tongue over the bit; both of these unwanted behaviors help your horse evade the action of the bit. These specialized nosebands also help to stabilize the bit in your horse’s mouth.

Many dressage riders use flash nosebands, as they are legal in competition with a snaffle bridle, but they are also excellent training tools for any discipline. We carry flash noseband bridles from trusted equine manufacturers such as Amerigo, Bobby's English Tack, G. Passier & Sohn, Henri de Rivel, and KL Select. 

The Smith Worthington Signature Raised Padded Bridle is available in both black and havana, making it appropriate for both dressage and jumper riders. The flash noseband is even easily removable, making this bridle an extremely versatile tool to keep in your tack room.

If you like bling, look no further than the Horze Rohan Snaffle Bridle. Crystal accents on the browband certainly help you to stand out in the herd; it is even available in a patent leather option for more pizazz. This bridle is also as functional as it is beautiful, with a lined noseband and padded crown piece.

If you already have a bridle that you love, consider a Henri de Rivel Flash Noseband with Converter. This convenient flash attaches easily to your existing noseband with a simple buckle.

These bridles feature a noseband with an additional strap, or "flash," that attaches below the bit, stabilizing the horse's jaw and discouraging excessive mouth movement. This design aims to enhance steering and responsiveness while maintaining comfort for the horse. Flash bridles are commonly used in various equestrian disciplines, offering riders a versatile option for effective communication with their equine partners.

Is a flash noseband the right selection for your horse? Do you need help determining which size to buy? Our experienced sales staff is always available to answer your questions and help you become confident in your purchase.