Kids' Stirrup Leathers

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9 Results
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For young equestrians, we carry a large variety of children's English stirrup leathers. With a number of colors and designs, we stock hunter/jumper leathers and dressage leathers in both leather and synthetic material options that will match your child's saddle and the rest of their tack and equipment.

Confidently shop our selection of children's stirrup leathers from your favorite equestrian brands, including Bobby's English Tack, Gatsby, Perri's Leather, Tory Leather, and Wintec. Traditionally, child-size leathers measure 48 inches, although we offer stirrup leathers as short as 36 inches in order to accomodate extremely young equestrians.

If you have a tall child or if your young rider has long legs, shop our assortment of longer, adult-sized stirrup leathers.

To combat stirrup leathers stretching, many manufacturers line the leathers with nylon to ensure that they will hold their shape. Other companies pre-stretch their stirrup leathers, such as the Bobby's Kids' Pre-Stretched Buffalo Stirrup Leathers, to minimize the chance that they will stretch while in use.

Stirrup leathers undergo a lot of stress over the course of your ride. Inspect your child's leathers every time they ride, and replace the stirrup leathers when they begin to display signs of extreme wear, such as cracking or splitting.

Whether your child is just learning to post or is chasing points on the "A" circuit, a pair of quality stirrup leathers is an essential piece of equipment. If you have any questions about the stirrup leathers that we carry or would like assistance purchasing the right pair for your young rider, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who have years of experience in the barn and in the saddle.