Lunge Whips

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12 Results

When beginning groundwork with horses, many people use a lunge whip. These long whips are designed to allow an equestrian to send the horse forward without needing to be on their back. Perfect for lunging, free lunging, and long lining, lunge whips are essential for horse owners who are looking to condition or train their horse without riding them.

We carry lunge whips in a rainbow of colors and a wide array of price points to fit every style and budget. The economical 5' Lunge Whip from Snowbee and the affordable Lunge Whip With Popper from Partrade Trading are popular among many of our customers. For competitive equestrians on the go, the Fleck Screwable Lunge Whip comes in two convenient pieces that allows it to fit safely within a full size tack trunk.

If you are ground driving your horse, a whip with a shorter popper facilitates improved control. The Weaver Stock Whip With Rubber Handle offers equestrians the ability to be more accurate with the use of the whip in these situations.

Equestrians with very small equines may find that a traditional lunge whip is simply too long for their needs. We carry a wide selection of products made specifically for miniature horses and small ponies, including the appropriately sized Dublin Mini Lunge Whip.

If lunging is a daily part of your riding routine or if you are adding groundwork into your green horse's repertoire, a quality lunge whip can make a world of difference. If you have any questions about the products that we carry or would like assistance in purchasing the proper whip for your situation, we invite you to reach out to a member of our friendly sales staff who all have years of hands-on horse experience.