Winter Gloves

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68 Results

Cold hands and fingers just don't function as well, especially in the frigid winter air. We carry a wide variety of warm and insulated gloves to keep you toasty in the barn and in the saddle.

Winter riding gloves provide protection from wind and cold to help you maintain connection with your horse in cold weather, and winter work gloves provide grip and protection for productive work around the barn. Some even feature waterproof materials to keep your hands warm and dry no matter how much those water buckets slosh around. We have a wide selection of winter work, riding, and all-purpose gloves that will provide comfort and protection, even on the coldest days.

With brands such as Roeckl, Heritage, Mountain Horse, Ovation, and SSG, The Cheshire Horse has a pair (or two!) for you. We even have Janus Women's 100% Wool Gloves, which feature soft merino wool for insulation without the bulk. Those who suffer with Renaud's Disease or arthritis will rejoice with the Back on Track Therapeutic Gloves, which can be used as a glove liner to increase blood flow and circulation.

On days that you spend hours in sub-zero temperatures, even the best winter gloves may not be quite enough. Pick up a few packs of Grabber Warmers 7 Hour Hand Warmer Pads to provide much needed heat during the lowest of temperatures. For complete coverage, consider a pair of Ruskovilla Gray Wool Wrist Warmers which protects that pesky patch of skin between your gloves and your coat sleeves.

If you need assistance in selecting the right pair of winter gloves, please don't hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable sales staff. With years of experience in the barn and in the saddle, they can help you to warm your hands and feel confident in your purchase.