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28 Results

Did you know that dogs spend 12 to 14 hours asleep every day? Give them a comfortable place to lay their weary head with a new dog bed. Consider having a bed in each of the rooms that you frequent, such as the living room and bedroom, allowing your dog to rest quietly while still being able to keep an eye on you.

We carry a selection of quality canine beds from trusted brands, including All for Paws, Carhartt, Ethical Products, Insect Shield, Miller Manufacturing, and Shires. Available in a number of materials and a wide array of styles, you can help your dog find a bed that best fits his size and preferences without breaking your budget.

Choosing the proper bed for your dog depends on how your dog likes to sleep as well as where the bed will be located. For dogs that sleep stretched out, a standard dog bed is popular. Much like an oversized pillow, these canine mattresses let your dog sleep comfortably. Other dogs like to curl up tightly in their beds, and these dogs may prefer a nesting dog bed, like the All For Pets Herringbone Bolster Bed; with a built in pillow, they will be snoring soundly in no time at all. If your dog sleeps in a kennel or crate, a crate mat, such as the Miller Manufacturing Fleece Dog Bed, provides padding for your dogs bones and joints without taking up much room in the crate.

Matching equine and canine fashions can be so much fun. The Shires Waterproof Dog Beds are manufactured with the same quality fabrics as the Shires Turnout Rugs, so that your dog and your horse can showcase fun barnyard prints together.

During sweet summer time, it can be difficult for our canine companions to stay cool and comfortable. Cooling pads react to your dog's body weight and work to remove to lower your dog's internal temperature to combat overheating. If your dog prefers to be part of the action, the All For Paws Floating Bed for Dogs lets your small dog join you for a float down the river or for a relaxing day in the pool.

If you have any questions about the products that we carry or would like assistance selecting the right dog bed for your dog, we invite you to connect with a member of our friendly, highly trained sales staff.