Farrier Supplies

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31 Results

Whether your horse goes barefoot or wears horse shoes, they will need attention from a farrier every 6-8 weeks. Regular farrier visits keep your horse's hooves strong and balanced. Hooves that are too long or have too much or too little angle will put unnecessary stress on the tendon and ligaments. This added stress can cause your horse to be sore or even lame.

At The Cheshire Horse, we stock a full line of supplies to support your farrier and make their job a bit easier. We know that your horse's hoof is their foundation, and your farrier needs to have the right tools at their disposal. With a variety from Agri-Pro, Hoofjack, Intrepid International, Jacks, and Weaver Leather, The Cheshire Horse is committed to having quality products at the best price available.

The professional farrier will appreciate taking a load off their back and knees with the Hoofjack Hoof Stand. Available in a myriad of colors and sizes (even draft horse cradles are available), this innovative product holds the hoof for you so that you do not have to support it with your body.

If your horse is barefoot, you can maintain their hoof balance and shape while stopping chipping with the Weaver Original RidersRasp between trimmings. Talk to your barefoot trimmer to determine how to fit this into your horse's hoof care regime.

Basic farrier supplies are also important to have in every tack room in case of emergency. Stock your tool box with Heavy Duty Solid Joint Cutting Nippers and the Intrepid Tanged Rasp so that you can pull a shoe at a moment's notice.

Our friendly sales staff at The Cheshire Horse would love to help you select the right tools for your. From experienced farriers to backyard horse owners, we have what you need to properly care for your horses', donkeys', and mules' hooves.