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31 Results

Nature intended for horses to be perpetual grazers. Throughout their domestication, humans have introduced a number of different foods, such as concentrated grains and supplements, but the fact remains that horses and other livestock require access to quality forage to stay happy and healthy. You can learn more about choosing the best forage for your horse in our blog post, Your Guide to Buying and Storing Hay.

Offering New England first-cut and second-cut hay (in our Swanzey, NH location) in addition to compressed hay and cubed and chopped forage options from Buckeye Nutrition, Kalmbach Feeds, Purina Mills, Standlee, and other quality equestrian companies, we have an extensive selection to accommodate all of your horse’s needs.

Heaves, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD), and other respiratory impairments are often exacerbated by dust. Traditional hay can be dusty, but there are alternative forage options available. Lucerne Farms Forage Products are high-temperature dried and coated with molasses or soybean oil for the elimination of airborne particles.

If you do not have access to quality forage throughout the year, alfalfa pellets and cubes are a great way to extend your hay supply. With their small size, they are also easy to eat, making them a popular option for older horses or horses who have difficulty chewing. The Standlee Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes and the Semican Timothy Alfalfa Cubes are a combination of alfalfa and timothy hay to provide variety in your horse’s diet.

For horses that struggle with Insulin Resistance (IR) or Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), beet Pulp is a high calorie, low protein, low sugar source of fiber for horses that have difficulty processing carbohydrates. Midwest Agri Beet Pulp Shreds, Emerald Valley Speedi-Beet, and Kalmbach Beet Pulp Pellets are all designed to be fed wet, which also helps to increase your horse’s water intake.

Our friendly sales staff has years of barnyard experience. Set up a complimentary nutritional consultation to determine which of our quality forage products would be appropriate to use in your feeding program.

Feed and forage delivery is available for our local customers. Learn more about The Cheshire Horse Feed Delivery Services.