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The sale of organic food and supplements has skyrocketed in the past few few years. Trying to move away from drugs and processed foodstuffs, we have turned our attention to herbal remedies and all whole foods. It's no surprise that that many of us have made the same shift in thought when it comes to our horses.

The Cheshire Horse is pleased to stock a comprehensive line of herbal supplements that are formulated especially for horses. Brands including Auburn Laboratories Inc., Hilton Herbs, Mare Magic, and Uckele have made it a priority to manufacture products that provide natural support for our equine companions.

Utilizing ingredients such as rosehips, milk thistle, echinacea, kelp, and fennel, our wide variety of herbal supplements can support your horse's immune system, reduce inflammation, assist respiratory function, and enhance overall health. We even have formulas like Mare Magic and Hilton Herbs Easy Mare, that will support your mare's natural estrus and help avoid mood swings and difficult heat cycles. Advanced Protection Formula (APF) is another perennial favorite, giving your horse the ability to adapt to stressful situations - such as competing, trailering, and training - with ease.

Are you looking to start supplementing your horse with herbs? Talk with our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff to learn how your horse can potentially benefit from herbal supplements.Learn how you can harness the power of the earth to keep your horse healthy, strong, and performing at their highest level.

If you actively compete your horse, please be sure to review the drug and medication rules for your organization. While most herbal supplements are legal to compete with, some ingredients are currently not allowed within certain associations.