African Wildlife

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45 Results
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Give your child a hands-on experience with the wildlife of the African sahara, plains, and jungles without ever needing to leave the comfort of your home with our collection of lifelike African animals from Schleich Models. With their durable rubber construction, realistic paint jobs, and highly-detailed and researched molds, these animal models encourage a love of learning about various African species while providing for years of imaginative and screen-free play time.

Hear the call of the wild and head out on an African safari of sorts when you shop our selection of Schleich African wildlife models. Get up close and personal with the lion, the king of the animal kingdom; you may even catch a glimpse of the rare black panther. Then, build your own memory of elephants (the proper name for a group of elephants) with our realistic models of African elephant females, males, and calves. Did you know that the African elephants are by far the largest land mammal? We also have lifelike models of the largest primate on Earth, the gorilla. Learning animal facts is a lot of fun when you have a realistic model to encourage reading about animals.

Jump start your child’s collection with the Schleich Wild Life Starter Set which includes a lion, baby elephant, zebra, and chimpanzee cub.

Ignite your child’s imagination and help them build a menagerie of unique African mammals, birds, and reptiles. Shop our inventory of durable Schleich models to put a long lasting smile on your child’s face.