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48 Results
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Due to environmental and genetic factors, sometimes horses need more than just balanced nutrition and routine farrier visits in order to maintain optimal hoof health. Our extensive selection of topical hoof conditioners and dressings can provide moisture to dry hooves or help to strengthen crumbling, weak hooves. Simply brush, wipe, or spray on this line of products as part of your daily grooming and hoof-picking routine.

You know what they say, "No hoof, no horse!" At The Cheshire Horse, we want to ensure that your horse is standing on a healthy and strong foundation. Carrying high quality products from well respected companies like Farnam, Jacks, Wunder Hoof, Carr & Day & Martin, and Corona, we are able to help you find a solution to nearly any hoof ailment.

Whether your horse is shod or barefoot, Cox Vet Barehoofin helps to strengthen the sole of the hoof and reduce the frequency of hoof bruises. If your horse is prone to quarter cracks or contracted heels, you will want to check out the Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Deep Penetrating Hoof Conditioner; this utilizes avocado oil to repair damaged hooves.

Harness the power of honey with Weaver Honey Hooves! This convenient, no-mess stick uses organic beeswax, Australian tea tree oil, and pine tar to help your horse's hoof heal.

As a preventative measure, Hooflex Natural and Horse Health Shur Hoof Dressing are among our customers favorites. These dressings aid the hoof in maintaining proper moisture while strengthening the hoof wall. The Effol Summer Hoof Gel is specifically formulated to combat hard summer conditions and stimulate hoof growth even in the warm, dry climate.

For a full-fledged approach to hoof health, we also suggest feeding a hoof supplement. This allows you to come at your horse's hoof soundness from every angle!

Our friendly sales staff has years of experience in the barn. We would love to talk to you about your hoof care concerns and assist you in selecting the right hoof conditioner or hoof dressing for your horse.