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Not only are flies and other pests an annoying part of your horse care routine, but they can also pose health risk to your horses, pets, and livestock. Insects can carry harmful disease and seriously distress an animal sensitive to their bite. Developing an effective method of fly control is, therefore, another vital aspect of your barn management. To be truly effective, a pest control program should include protection of your individual animals, as well as your barn and pastures. The Cheshire Horse carries a broad selection for fly and insect control products to help you maintain control over pest infestation on any budget.

Managing flies and insects in your horses' barn and pasture is a good place to start in creating a healthier and more comfortable environment. Whether you're looking for a strong treatment, or a more natural remedy, The Cheshire Horse stocks a wide range of products to eliminate and repel pests from your barn and fields. Popular in-barn fly control methods are fly tape and fly traps. See our great selection from Bonide Revenge, StarBar, Rescue, and BugPellent. We also carry a selection of aerosol sprays repellents and Insect Dust, also a tick repellent, for use in the barn on in the paddock.

For more sensitive horses, consider trying one of our feed-through fly prevention options. This series of oral supplements will help repel insects from your horse and her manure, as well as interrupt the insects' reproduction cycle. Great products like The Cheshire Horse's Garlic, Animed BugLyte and Garlic Powder, Horslyx Garlic Lick, and Uckele Bug NM Pellets are effective, natural solutions for your pest control needs. The ingredients in the supplements, like garlic and thiamine, offer a variety of other excellent health benefits too!

Treat your horse directly with one of our many choices of fly repellent. We carry both concentrated and ready-to-use sprays by popular and trusted brands like Absorbine, Farnam, and Durvet. Our selection caters to all horse owners with everything from heavy-duty permethrin-based, to natural, essential-oil based sprays and concentrates. Our selection also offers roll-on and wipe repellents, as well as concentrated prevention treatments like Farnam Equi-Spot Spot-On Fly Control.

For horses already suffering from bites, we carry a variety of ointments and treatments to soothe pain and itching. Check out the popular Farnam Swat products for extra protection of your horse's insect-related wounds.