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125 Results

A set of quality brushes makes grooming your horse an enjoyable process. Effortlessly remove dirt, grime, and dander from your horse's coat with our extensive selection of dandy brushes, hard brushes, body brushes, soft brushes, and finishing brushes. We have everything that you need to build a custom grooming kit for you and your horse.

Grooming does more than keep your horse horse clean, it also improves the health of the coat and skin while giving you a great opportunity to check over your horse for cuts, abrasions, and exterior parasites, such as ticks. Carrying grooming brushes from trusted equine manufacturers such as Oster, Roma, Tail Tamer, Union Hill, and Weaver Leather, we have brushes to fit every taste and budget.

Some equestrians prefer brushes that have natural fiber bristles. For removing mud and excess horse hair from your horse's coat, stiff bristle brushes, like the Hill Brush Company Medium Natural Bristle Body Brush, are a popular option. Soft goat hair brushes, such as the Waldhausen Shine Goat Brush, remove the dust from your horse's coat and are great for horses that have sensitive skin.

Synthetic fiber brushes are highly durable and withstand the test of time. Plastic fiber brushes, including the Hill Brush Company General Purpose Poly Bristle Dandy Brush and the Hill Brush Company Winner's Circle Medium Slate Poly Brush, are economical and work well on wet horses since the moisture will not degrade the quality of the brush.

In addition to our assortment of quality grooming brushes, we also carry curry combs, hoofpicks, and mane and tail brushes.

Groom your horse to perfection with a new set of brushes from The Cheshire Horse. Our friendly and experienced sales staff is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with personalized recommendations.