Western Saddle Pads & Blankets

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133 Results

Saddle pads are designed to help provide cushion between saddle and horse, as well as to improve saddle fit. The Western pad also comes in a variety of shapes that suit the different jobs encompassed by the Western discipline. The standard rectangular-shaped pad or blanket is a great all-purpose option for riders looking to take their horse for a casual trail ride, in a show, or for daily work in the ring. The cutback or barrel pads have a smaller shape for a lighter pad that gives more space for the rider's leg to make contact with the horse's barrel, an excellent choice for barrel racers and ranch horses.

Some pads are designed to wick moisture and encourage airflow between horse and saddle. After a hot summer ride, you might find your horse has sweat clear through his cotton pad - an indication of overheating, which can lead to soreness and muscle strain. Luckily, companies like Weaver and Professional's Choice design wool and felt-bottom pads or liners that drastically improve your horse's comfort while riding.

Beyond their functionality, Western saddle pads and blankets are also an excellent choice for a fun, colorful way to spice up your ride! If you're competing in a horse show in a Western discipline, you may opt for a pad with bright solid colors or eye-catching patterns. Our extensive collection of Mayatex and Weaver show blankets will surely get you noticed. Be sure to check our lively selection of Western show apparel to create a perfectly cohesive eye-catching show ensemble.

Whatever your need, The Cheshire Horse is here to help you find the right saddle pad or blanket and to answer any questions you might have about our products.