Stirrup Pads

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10 Results

Keep your feet correctly positioned in the stirrups with textured stirrup pads. Rubber, metal, and non-slip stirrup pads assist you in keeping your boots in your stirrups and your heels down over the course of your ride. English stirrup pads slip into your Fillis stirrups, Prussian stirrups, offset stirrups, jointed stirrups, breakaway stirrups, or peacock safety stirrups to assist you in staying secure in the saddle.

Our extensive selection of stirrup pads comes from your favorite equestrian brands including Centaur, Intrepid International, Korsteel, and Stubben. Rubber pads are the most economical option and are used by riders of every skill level.

In slick conditions, you may need more grip. Metal pads, often referred to as "cheese-grater stirrup pads," are often used by upper-level riders, especially during competitions. Other non-slip stirrup pads feature a sandpaper-like base on a rubber pad to provide the sole of the rider's boot more to adhere to.

Riders who suffer from knee or ankle pain may find it difficult to sink their weight into their heels when riding. Padded stirrup pads may eliminate your pain, making it more comfortable to spend time doing what you love. The Cashel English Stirrup Cushion is popular among pleasure riders as well as endurance riders and competitive trail riders who spend hours in the saddle.

Stay balanced and enjoy your ride with our selection of dressage, hunter/jumper, and eventing stirrup pads. If you have questions regarding the English style stirrup pads that we carry or would like assistance purchasing the right pads for your stirrups, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who have years of experience in the barn and in the saddle.