Tack Trunks & Boxes

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16 Results

Whether you keep your horse at a private backyard barn or a large boarding facility, a tack trunk is an essential piece of organizational equipment for every equestrian. Providing a storage solution in the barn, in the trailer, and at competitions, tack boxes are a great way to keep your tack safe and secure.

We offer tack trunks from Horsemen's Pride and Burlingham Sports. These trunks are made of high quality, durable PVC that will protect your tack from weather or even accidental water bucket spills. Keep your tack organized with added accessories such as tote trays, bandage nets, and trunk dividers. Our full-size tack trunks are large enough to store a saddle in. The Deluxe Sport Trunk even has wheels and a molded handle to make it easy to bring it with you wherever your travels may bring you.

If you don't need to store your saddle in your tack trunk or if you are tight on space, the Burlingham Pony Sport Tack Trunk offers a compact solution. It can double as a bench, making it a convenient solution when traveling to horse shows.

Do you want to bring your love of horses inside your home? Check out our adorable Horse Fare Mini Tack Trunk. These tiny boxes are perfect for storing jewelry, trinkets, and other treasures. They also make the ideal gift that any equestrian will adore. They make ideal trainer presents as well; consider attaching an engraved plate to commemorate that big win together.

Choosing the right tack trunk can be a difficult process, and we want to help! Consult our friendly sales staff with years of experience for assistance.