Dog Gates & Doors

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12 Results
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We all love our dogs, but sometimes we need to keep them contained. Whether you are trying to keep them inside a given room or just trying to keep them out of the nursery or kitchen, dog gates allow you to decide what rooms they have access to in your home. We carry an extensive selection of high-quality dog barriers that are easy to install from Carlson, Hagen Pet Products, and OurPets.

Many puppy owners utilize plastic and metal doggy gates to make potty training their new addition easier. By keeping your young canine friends contained in a smaller area, you can monitor their behaviors and teach them proper bathroom habits. It also makes cleanup in the event of an accident much easier.

If you have a fenced-in yard, a dog door allows your pet to enter your home on his every whim. This is a great option for active dogs or owners with erratic schedules. Our durable doggy doors from PetSafe install directly into your exterior door to provide your canine companion with access to the great outdoors. Designed with function in mind, the lightweight flaps are easy for your dog to push open while keeping drafts at bay and preventing pests and insects from entering your house. They can also be used on interior doors to allow your dog to roam the entire house while still giving the option to keep your doors closed.

Shop our collection of high-quality dog doors and gates to improve the life of both you and your dog. If you have any questions regarding specific dog gate measurements or would like assistance purchasing the best dog door for your house or condo, we encourage you to speak to a member of our friendly and dog-loving sales staff.