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8 Results

Lope your way into the ribbons with a new pair of chaps and Western pants. For Western competitors, chaps are a traditional and functional piece of attire. Modelled after cowboys in the wild west, chaps were intended to protect the wearer from outside hazards like sticks and bushes, while allowing them to spend all day in the saddle. You may not be out on the ranch rounding up cattle, but chaps still provide extra grip for the equestrian, while helping to prevent chafing.

With the right pair of pants, you can tackle whatever comes your way in the show ring. Whether you compete in showmanship, Western pleasure, horsemanship, or another Western discipline, the proper pair of Western pants to wear or wear under your chaps is essential.

The key to the perfect pair of Western pants is to ensure that they fit properly. Ill-fitting pants distract from your in-hand or under-saddle performance. We have a wide variety of Western pants from Hobby Horse. We can fit equestrians of all ages, shapes, and sizes. These pants are unhemmed so you can easily tailor them to the perfect length.

We carry western chaps from Hobby Horse that are durable and affordable, and they provide a classic look to any outfit. A customer favorite, the Hobby Horse Simplicity Chaps elongate the rider’s leg to provide an elegant look in the saddle. With their two button waist and silver buckle accents, they look like traditional chaps, but the truth is they are anything but ordinary. A hidden elastic panel along the length of the zipper ensures a custom fit at a fraction of the price! If you need any other reason to adore these chaps, you will appreciate the fact that their ultrasuede material is extremely easy to care for; you can literally throw them in the washing machine.

If you already have a pair of Hobby Horse chaps but need a little additional room in them, you may not need to purchase a new pair. The Hobby Horse Elastic Chap Inserts invisibly add up to two inches of ease to your chaps without compromising their look or styling… you will be the only one who knows it’s there.

We want you to look your best the next time that you’re in the competition arena. If you have any questions about proper Western attire, we invite you to consult with our friendly sales associates who have years of experience in the barn and in the saddle.