Kimberwicke Bits

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9 Results

Much like the pelham bit, the Kimberwicke combines the functionality of the double bridle bradoon and weymouth, all in one convenient bit. With poll pressure, chin pressure, and direction rein action,this hybrid bit uses only one rein and a curb chain to encourage the horse to lower the head and round at the poll. With its simplicity and ease of use, kimberwickes are frequently seen in the pleasure and equitation rings with both novice and more advanced riders.

We carry a selection of Kimberwickes from trusted equine companies like Coronet, Korsteel, and Myler Bits. Because kimberwickes have a shorter shank than many of their pelham counterparts, they are generally considered more mild bits when used by an educated equestrian.

A horse that is comfortable in his mouth is a happier horse. We carry a variety of Myler kimberwickes that were built with the anatomy of the horse in mind, using a system of tongue pressure and tongue relief. The Myler Stainless Steel Kimberwick with Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel, the Stainless Steel Kimberwick with Low Port Comfort Snaffle Copper Inlay mouth, and the Stainless Steel Kimberwick with a Ported Barrel Copper Inlay mouth are all popular options.

With mild kimberwickes, like the Coronet Uxeter Kimberwick, and slightly more severe kimberwickes, like the Kelley Equestrian Silver Star Ported Barrel Kimberwicke, we have bits for horses and riders of every training and ability level.

Purchasing the proper bit for your horse can be a confusing process. Refer to our blog for more information or reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales associates.