Elevator & Gag Bits

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9 Results

Gag bits are a wide category of bits that allow the rider to apply pressure to the horse's lips and poll. Despite their name, gag bits can be an excellent training tool with used under the tutelage of an experienced equestrian. With a snaffle mouthpiece, a gag bit is often chosen for horses that have generally sensitive mouths but can become strong in certain situations (for example approaching jumps or on the cross country course).

Elevator bits utilize poll pressure and lip pressure to help your horse become lighter on the front end. They are a great tool for teaching your horse to balance himself and learn to not lean on the rider for support. Elevator bits are sometimes used with two reins, similar to a pelham, to allow the rider fine-tuned control of their commands. The Verbindend Universal Bit helps the horse and rider communicate clearly, which allows the horse to relax through his back and become more accepting of the aids. Like the gag bit, an elevator bit should only be used by a skilled rider.

We carry gag bits and elevator bits, also referred to as European elevator or Dutch gags, from Korsteel and Shires to give our customers a number of high-quality and budget-friendly options.

For a traditional gag bit to be used properly, a gag cheek must run from the cheekpiece, through the bit, and to the reins. The Ovation Rope Gag Cheeks are crafted of fine leather and durable rope for maximize strength, and they are a popular option among our customers.

Depending on your discipline, gag bits and elevator bits may or may not be legal in the show ring. Please refer to your association's rulebook to confirm the legality of any equipment.

Our knowledgeable staff with years of equestrian experience is happy to talk you through our selection to see if a gag bit is the right bit for you horse. We also invite you to read our blog to assist you in your purchase.