Cribbing & Chewing

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42 Results
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Cribbing and chewing are common vices for horses to develop. These habits can damage their teeth and digestive health over time. Among our many horse health products, The Cheshire Horse carries a variety of products to help control or deter cribbing and chewing.

Most horse owners' go-to cribbing prevention is a cribbing collar or cribbing strap. These collars attach around the top of the horse's neck like a throat latch, and they are designed not to interrupt normal breathing, eating, or movement; however, the collar will restrict the horse from arching his neck in the way he needs to in order to crib. We carry many different styles of cribbing collars from Weaver Leather, Tory Leather, and Triple E. For optimal comfort, pair your new cribbing collar with a fleece cover from Weaver or Equine Comfort Products.

Cribbing and chewing can also be prevented with a muzzle. The grazing and cribbing muzzles we carry are specially designed to limit the horse's ability to bite down with their incisors, but do not restrict them from eating or drinking. In fact, grazing muzzles are primarily used to prevent equine health issues like obesity by limiting how much grass a horse can eat while grazing. See our selection of muzzles from Intrepid International and Best Friend International, among others.

The Cheshire Horse can help you gain control over your cribbing and chewing with chewing supplements and cribbing deterrents beyond collars and muzzles. Supplements like Farnam Quitt Wood Chewing Supplement will provide your horse with essential nutrients to reduce the urge to chew. Check out the great variety of spray-on, powder, and roll-on cribbing deterrents to use on barn surfaces and fencing that gets chewed.