Water Toys

7 Results
7 Results
$6.95 - $13.95

Does your dog love to get wet? Make swim time even more enjoyable with our wide selection of dog toys that are made just for water play. These canine water toys add a dash of fun to their swimming adventures, while giving your dog something to retrieve, swim with, or fetch.

We carry an extensive selection of floating discs, retrieving toys, floating throw toys, and hovercraft toys from many of your favorite pet supply companies, including All for Paws, Carhartt,  NERF, and Ruffwear. These toys are made to play as hard as your playful pup does! These toys fly, float, and spin as your dog chases after them. Retrieving breeds and bird dogs are particularly fond of these toys.

If your dog has no place to swim, consider investing in a pool that is all of their own! We carry heavy-duty, molded plastic pools that are designed just for dogs. Available from Behlen Country Ranch and Farm Equipment, these durable doggy pools are the perfect way to spend hot summer days.

For dogs who love water, a top-quality water toy is a must! We invite you to browse our selection and choose a durable toy for your pup. If you have any questions regarding our dog toy inventory or would like assistance choosing the best canine water toy for your dog, we invite you to speak to a member of our friendly and dog-loving staff.

As always, please make sure that you supervise your dog whenever they are playing with a toy as well as when they are in or around water.