Trailer Ties

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12 Results

Easily secure and tie your horse in the trailer by using a trailer tie. Used in lieu of a leadrope and a safety knot, trailer ties clip directly to your horse's halter and attach to the trailer. Many equestrians use trailer ties because they are convenient, and they break away in the event of an emergency.

We carry trailer ties from a number of trusted equestrian brands, including Jacks, Nunn Finer, Perri's Leather, Tough-1, and Weaver Leather. They are available in a rainbow of colors and a number of materials, such as cotton, nylon, and rubber, ensuring that we can accommodate every equestrian's individual taste and budget.

Some horses feel restricted and panic when tied. To minimize their discomfort and stress, an elastic or rubber trailer tie, like the Nunn Finer Bungee Trailer Tie and the Perri's Elastic Trailer Tie, will stretch when the horse pulls on it, making them more at ease.

When trailering your horse, we recommend using a leather halter or a nylon halter with a leather breakaway strap which will break under extreme pressure. For an additional safety precaution, use a safety trailer tie, such as the Intrepid Tie Safe Trailer Tie, which is equipped with a fastener that will pull apart if your horse pulls back suddenly.

Keep your horse safe and secure on his next trailer ride with a new trailer tie from The Cheshire Horse. If you have any questions about the ties that we carry or would like assistance selecting the right trailer tie for you and your horse, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff. We are here to help and can't wait to hear from you!