Snaps & Screw Eyes

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68 Results

Around the barn, snaps and screw eyes are indispensable. Heavy-duty and highly versatile, these pieces of hardware have a myriad of uses. From hanging cross ties and buckets to stabilizing stall guards and securing tack room storage options, the applications for industrial double ended snaps and screw eyes are nearly endless.

We carry a wide range of hooks, snaps, and screws from trusted farm supply brands including Intrepid International, Jacks, Nunn Finer, Shires, Triple E Manufacturing, and Weaver Leather. Shop our selection of swivel snaps, safety spring snaps, scissor snaps, swivel snaps, bull snaps, twist snaps, and double ended snaps for another set of helping hands around the farm. For cross ties, stable ties, and trailer ties, we carry panic snaps. These release quickly, allowing you to keep both you and your horse safe.

Screw eyes and screw plates make it easy to attach equipment to the walls of your barn or your fencing. We also carry tie rings and and tie ring plates to give you a secure location to tie your horse or other livestock.

When working around the farm, it is essential that your hardware works as hard as you do. For maximum efficiency, we recommend keeping an assortment of spare hooks and snaps in your toolbox so that you are prepared in case of emergency. If you have questions regarding the farmyard hardware that we carry or would like assistance choosing the right snap, clip, or hook for your barnyard application, we encourage you to speak with a member of our knowledgeable sales staff who have years of hands on experience in the barn with the products that we carry.