Foal & Pony Halters

12 Results
12 Results

We carry a wide selection of pony size halters and foal size halters to ensure that your small but mighty equine companion has the very best in tack and equipment.

These halters from Gatsby, Intrepid International, Perri's Leather, Walsh, and Weaver Leather are petite in sizing, and high in quality. Their detailing and functionality truly set them apart from the herd.

The innovative design of the Walsh Grow with Me Foal Halter and the Weaver Figure 8 Foal Halter allows the halter to literally grow with your new foal. It's able to accommodate nearly any size baby. Make sure that you have an extra halter ready to go in your foaling kit when foaling season arrives!

As your foal begins to mature, their halter needs will change as well. The Intrepid Foal Halter is popular among breeding farms with its durability and ease of use.

Ponies come in all shapes and sizes, and we carry a number of halters for all of them. Our selection of pony and very small equine halters and accessories is often commended by our customers. From the easy to care for Weaver Adjustable Nylon Halter to the classic Perri's 3/4'' Leather Turnout Halter, we can help you dress your pony for every occasion. We have a halter to fit the bill for daily use, turnout, trailering, and more.

Whether you are purchasing a halter for your new bundle of joy or your devious pony partner-in-crime, we have a halter that will fit your needs. Contact our experienced sales staff if you need any assistance in making your purchase.