Mini Horse Halters

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12 Results
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From daily handling to groundwork training, a properly fitting halter works hard around the barn. At The Cheshire Horse, we carry an extensive selection of halters that are sized to fit miniature horses and small ponies. We stock a wide array of miniature horse tack and equipment to make it easy to find what you need for your very small equine (VSE).

Available from trusted equine manufacturers such as Intrepid International, Perri's Leather, Shires, Tough-1, and Triple E Manufacturing, our assortment of halters includes leather, nylon, and rope halters.

Leather halters are highly versatile and have a number of different applications. They are safe to wear during turnout and transportation, and they provide a classy look at competitions. The Intrepid Miniature Horse Leather Halter is designed to showcase the delicate features of miniature horses.

A nylon halter is a durable and easy to clean option for everyday handling. Padded nylon halters protect your mini's face from painful rubs. Nylon halters with a leather breakaway crownpiece provide a safeguard in the event that your horse catches his halter on something in the stall or in the paddock.

Find the perfect halter for the miniature horse in your life! If you have questions about any of the halters that we carry or would like assistance making your purchase, we invite you to reach out to a member of our friendly sales staff. With years of hands-on equestrian experience, we are uniquely qualified to help you.