Feed Tubs

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31 Results

Many studies have shown that feeding your horse at ground level places less strain on the skeletal and muscular systems because it mimics the way that horses eat in the wild. A feed tub allows you to feed your horse the way nature intended while preventing your horse from ingesting dirt or shavings which may result in sand colic. They also limit the amount of feed waste by keeping your horse's grain and supplements contained.

Feeding your horse at the ground level has a myriad of other health benefits as well. Due to your horse's posture, the nasal passages are able to drain properly, which translates to increased respiratory system health.

We carry a wide selection of high-quality feed tubs from your favorite equestrian brands including Fortex Fortiflex, Horsemen's Pride, Miller Manufacturing, Sullivan Supply, and Tubtrugs. Available in sizes as small as three quarts and as large as fifteen gallons, we have a feed tub for every application. Typically, a three gallon feed tub is appropriate for feeding grain, while the larger sizes may be used for feeding chopped forage or alfalfa cubes.

Rigid plastic feed tubs are available in a rainbow of colors. They are popular in stalls because they are easy to clean and can be sanitized when necessary, such as in a quarantine situation.

In paddocks and run-in sheds, rubber feed tubs are often utilized. These flexible feed tubs will not crack or break in frigid temperatures, making them ideal for winter feeding. If your horse steps into or kicks the bucket, it will bend under the pressure and not experience any damage. Due to this unbreakable nature and shallow design, many equestrians also use an additional rubber feed pan to soak their horse's hooves in the event of an abscess or other hoof ailments.

Make the shift to feed pans and see how your horse's health may improve. Our experienced and friendly sales staff is always available to answer your questions regarding the stable supplies that we carry and assist you in making your purchase.