Arctic & Oceanic Wildlife

13 Results
13 Results

Let your child jump right into the world of oceanic and Arctic wildlife with our selection of realistic Schleich models. Designed to look exactly like their living counterparts, these toys are manufactured with an amazing attention to detail and incredibly lifelike paint jobs. Your child will spend hours playing with these animals that make the ocean and the frigid arctic climate their home.

These durable models of Arctic and oceanic animals will inspire your child to learn about some of the incredible animals found in nature. From the Blue Whale, the largest mammal on the planet, to the Polar Bear, that can live in temperatures less than -50 Celcius, your child will be fascinated by the unique facts that surround these members of the animal kingdom. Shop our assortment if Schleich model toys and bring an Arctic wolf, walrus, seal, dolphin, or octopus into your house. 

If your child is passionate about saving the turtles, present them with an adorable model turtle that will keep them focused on the environmental issues at hand. The Schleich Giant Turtle makes a perfect piece of bedroom decor or bookshelf accessory.

These delightful animal figurines will be a treasured piece of your child’s collection. Schleich toys make wonderful holiday gifts and birthday presents. Consider making them a tradition in your home! If you would like assistance making your Schleich animal purchase or would like a personalized model recommendation based on your child’s interests, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and highly-trained sales staff.