Breakaway Halters & Accessories

28 Results
28 Results

For equestrians looking for the durability of a nylon halter and the safety of a leather halter, we carry breakaway halters. These nylon halters have a leather strap that runs over your horse’s poll, which will break away under extreme pressure.

Both economical and safe for many applications, it is easy to see why breakaway halters are so popular among many equestrians. From grooming and daily handling to turnout and training applications, these versatile halters will fit your needs. We carry an extensive selection of breakaway halters from reputable companies such as Horse Fare, Intrepid International, Perri's Leather, Walsh, and Weaver Leather. Available in nearly every size and color imaginable, we have halters to suit every personal taste and budget.

Would you prefer to use a leather halter? We have the halter for you. The Tekna Padded Breakaway Halter is manufactured from vegan synthetic leather, which means that you can keep your horse safe without harming other animals in the process.

If your horse breaks the leather crown piece in an incident or it cracks due to its age, look no further than a crown replacement, like the Weaver Breakaway Halter Replacement Crown. These replacement crown pieces attach quickly to your halter to return your halter to working condition.

Do you need assistance selecting the proper breakaway halter for your horse? Consult with our experienced sales staff for help in making your selection.