Interactive Toys

34 Results
34 Results

Your cat is one of your best friends, so it makes sense that you would want to play with them. Our extensive selection of interactive cat toys will give your feline companion something to meow about. Flashing lights and movement will stimulate your cat and excite them during playtime.

Playing with your indoor cat helps to eliminate boredom while also strengthening the bond between you. Tapping into your cat’s inner instinct to hunt will also assist in keeping them active which helps to combat feline obesity.

Our online and in-store inventory of interactive feline toys come from trusted pet supply brands including Ethical Pet Products, Multipet, and PetSafe. With everything from lasers and erratically rolling balls to RC mice toys and catnip scented bubbles, you and your cat will be ready for hours of playtime.

We carry a number of electronic cat toys which truly are fun for the whole family. Our remote controlled mouse toy, the Ethical Pet Remote Control Micro Mouse, allows you to direct the tiny rodent in any direction that you choose. Your cat will chase the mouse from room to room and elicit barrels of laughs from anyone who is lucky enough to watch the shenanigans.

In addition to our interactive cat toy selection, we also carry a full assortment of catnip filled toys, cat balls, plush cat toys, toy mice, and cat teasers. Our friendly and cat-loving sales staff is always available to help you in selecting the right cat toy for your cat’s personality and assist you in making your cat toy purchase.