Baby Pads

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9 Results
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Baby saddle pads are thin, easy-to-care for saddle pads that are typically used in conjunction with a half pad. The half pad cushions your horse's back from impact and any potential pressure points, while the baby pad protects your saddle and half pad from dirt, sweat, and horse hair.

We carry an extensive selection of baby pads from your favorite equine brands, including Back on Track, Fleeceworks, and Lettia. Available in a wide array of colors and a plethora of pattern accents, we have a baby pad for every style and taste. Now your horse can match your ROOTD (Riding Outfit Of The Day) for a truly Instagram-worthy look.

Caring for your baby pad is easy; simply run it through the washing machine. Pick up a few baby pads so that you have a few pads to hold you over to laundry day. At our low everyday prices, we make it easy to afford more than one pad.

If your horse suffers from a sore back or stiff back muscles, the Back on Track Therapeutic Baby Saddle Pad is a perennial favorite. Infused with their innovative Welltex technology, the pad reflects the horse's own body warmth back to them in the form of infrared heat which soothes the muscles and aids in flexibility.

Many hunter/jumper and event riders appreciate the versatility of baby pads and use them for all of their schooling rides. If you have questions about any of the lightweight baby pads that we carry or would like assistance selecting the perfect baby pad for you and your horse, we encourage you to speak with a member of our highly trained sales staff who have years of experience in the barn and in the saddle.