Western Latigos, Off Billets & Tie Straps

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21 Results

We carry an extensive selection of off billets and latigo straps/tie straps to ensure the safety of both you and your horse over the duration of your ride. Used to secure your cinch on the off side, these straps have a tendency to crack and stretch, which can prove to be a safety hazard. Fortunately, these essential pieces of equipment on a Western saddle are both easy and economical to replace.

Latigos (also referred to as tie straps or cinch tie straps) secure the cinch on the left side of a Western saddle. They allow the rider to easily tighten the cinch before mounting. The name latigo comes from the waxy, burgundy leather that was traditionally used, however now, latigo straps come in a wide variety of materials. Our inventory includes leather latigos and nylon latigos (which will not stretch) from a number of trusted tack suppliers such as Cashel, Schutz Brothers, Tory Leather, Tough-1, and Tucker Saddlery. Typically, competitive Western riders utilize leather cinch tie straps in the show ring, but nylon tie straps are popular among many pleasure riders and trail riders due to their durability and long life span.

Off billets are leather straps that connect your cinch and your saddle on the right side (or off side) of the horse. Typically, Western cinches are buckled to the off billet before the cinch is properly tightened on the left side. We carry leather off billets and nylon off billets in both traditional and half breed rigging styles from your favorite equestrian brands including Weaver Leather, Professional's Choice, Circle Y Saddlery, and Tory Leather.

Revitalize your Western saddle with a new off billet or latigo/tie strap. If you have questions regarding which type of off billet is right for you or would like assistance selecting the best latigo strap for your Western saddle, we invite you to speak to a member of our friendly and highly-trained sales staff, many of which have years of hands-on horse experience.