Liniments & Poultices

54 Results
54 Results
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Looking for relief for your horse's sore muscles? Using a liniment wash or liniment gel can help relieve muscle aches and pains, encourage good circulation, and improve recovery time from exercise. Often made with gentle soaps, essential oils, or herb blends, liniments are a safe and effective choice for natural pain relief. Shop our wide selection of gel, cream, and liquid liniments at The Cheshire Horse.

For a quick massage to your horse's legs, neck, or back, consider using a liniment gel or cream. Products like Durvet Sore-Eze Gelotion are convenient options to take with you on the go and are able to target specific problem areas. The Officinalis Arnica Gel is formulated especially with arnica, a potent anti-inflammatory herb, as well as other cleansing herbs. Try the effective cream liniments like Response Products Advanced Cetyl M Cream, which is 100% plant sourced and paraben-free.

For a full-body treatment, consider using a liniment wash like Absorbine Veterinary Liniment, Farnam Vetrolin Liniment, or Arenus Sore No-More. These great-smelling washes will cut through dirt and grime to clean your horse's coat, while also sinking deep into muscle and tissue to relieve pain. Incorporate one of these liniment washes into your bathing routine to keep your horse moving freely. It will treat your own hands while you scrub, so say goodbye to your own joint pain as well!

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