Muscle Supplements

49 Results
49 Results

It takes more than consistent exercise to gain muscle strength and muscle mass; you need the eat right as well. This is true for humans and also for horses. In order for them to gain muscle, they need quality training and a quality nutrition program.

We stock a comprehensive selection of supplements from trusted companies like Cavalor, Cox Veterinary Laboratory, HorseTech, and Kentucky Performance Products that will support muscle and topline development, while increasing stamina. Formulated with essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein, your horse will be able to develop stronger and larger muscle fibers. This will not only increase strength, but will aid in shortening recovery times in your equine athlete. APF Pro Equine a favorite for high performance horses; it is known to increase muscle function, which helps to give your horse a competitive edge, while helping to enhance immune function.

Bulking up these muscle fibers also cause your horse to fill out, normally resulting in a larger, rounder appearance - especially in the hindquarters. Gold Equine Edge Muscle Mass and Purina SuperSport Amino Acid Supplement are popular among active competitors to keep their horses looking and performing at their best.

In addition to helping your horse gain muscle mass, we have supplements that can support your horse's muscles in different ways. For horses who are prone to tying up, Animed Tie-By encourages natural muscle enzyme growth that may decrease, or even negate, tying up in your horse. Meanwhile, Kentucky Performance Products Myo-Guard helps to safeguard against exercise induced muscle ailments.

If you need assistance in selecting the right muscle support supplement for your horse, contact our experienced staff at The Cheshire Horse.

If you are actively competing your horse, make sure that all of the ingredients are compliant with your association's drug and medication rules. Most supplements are legal to compete with, however rules are constantly changing, so it is essential to stay educated.