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12 Results
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A cohesive bandage, also referred to as VetWrap, is a jack-of-all trades around the barn. These versatile bandage only sticks to itself, which means that it will not adhere to your horse's coat or skin. Perfect for bandaging cuts and wounds, VetWrap can also be used as a one-time use support bandage during exercise; it great for wet conditions as it does not absorb any water.

Available in nearly every color and pattern imaginable, we carry cohesive bandages from a myriad of trusted manufacturers such as 3M, Andover, and America's Acres. Because of their strength and durability, self-adhesive bandages can be used in a number of applications including wrapping hooves and bandaging leg wounds. You can even use them to ice your horse by holding ice packs against your horse's legs.

For daily use or to have in the tack room in case of emergencies, the Andover CoFlex Vet Bandage and the 3M VetRap Bandaging Tape are popular and economical options.

If you have a horse that chews on his wraps, the Andover PowerFlex No Chew Cohesive Bandage will make your life exponentially easier. Treated with a non-toxic, yet extremely bitter tasting agent, your horse will quickly decide not to chew on or try to remove his wraps.

Because of its non-stick properties, many horse owners also use cohesive bandages for putting up tails. The bandage protects the tail and keeps it clean, while the tail grows with less danger of being torn out or catching on something.

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