Whips & Crops

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98 Results

Many riders' go-to aid is a crop or whip. When riding, a whip, crop, or bat can be a useful extension of your natural aids to gain engagement with your horse, or to encourage him move forward or sideways. On the ground, you might use a lunge whip to move your horse forward on the lunge line. Whichever you're looking for, The Cheshire Horse has many options to choose from.

The smallest of these choices is the riding bat. Generally short with a wide popper, the riding bat is preferred by hunter jumpers and eventers, since it is easy to carry and switch between hands. Our selection of bats at The Cheshire Horse is vast, including both schooling and show quality bats. The Horze Houston Jumping Bat is a great choice for schooling over fences, especially with its comfortable gel grip. For competition, consider the Fleck Woven Nylon Fleck Grip Riding Bat, a conservative looking, grippy, and well-balanced bat.

Riding crops are moderate in length, usually have a wrist loop, and have a narrower popper. Crops are used more widely by riders in all disciplines. Like our bats, The Cheshire Horse has an extensive selection of crops to choose from for any occasion and budget. Choose from great brands like Roma, Horze, and Intrepid International.

The longest riding whip is the dressage whip, which is meant to reach the horse's hindquarters with minimal movement of the riders' hands to encourage forward impulsion. We carry many fine dressage whips for schooling and for show. Browse our options from Horze, EquiStar, and Toklat for many good options. FLECK dressage whips are the highest performance whips, featuring especially balanced and comfortable design.

To improve your horse's engagement on the lunge line, consider investing in a lunge whip from our selection from Weaver, FLECK, Snowbee, and many other brands.

Do you need better storage for your collection of whips? Consider a whip rack from Jacks or Horse Fare.