Jerky Dog Treats

76 Results
76 Results

With their delicious flavor, meaty texture, and delectable aroma, many dogs go crazy for jerky-style dog treats. Made primarily of high-quality meats, jerky treats are popular for dogs on gluten-free, grain-free, organic, or limited-ingredient diets. These treats also satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew.

We carry a variety of jerky dog treats from your favorite pet food manufacturers including Primal Pet Foods, Smokehouse, Sunshine Mills,The Honest Kitchen, The Wild Bone Co., and True Chews. Available in a wide range of flavors with a large variety of meats, including premium chicken, duck, beef, salmon, turkey, lamb, and pork, we can assist you in finding a treat that will appeal to even the pickiest and most discerning canine palates.

Keep the size of the treat in mind when shopping for your dog. Large dogs and dogs with big appetites do well with full strips of jerky; these require quite a bit of chewing, which helps them to slow down as they eat. Smaller dogs as well as senior dogs who may have trouble chewing tend to prefer the smaller jerky treats or to have the strips cut into more manageable bite-size pieces for them.

Give your pup a tasty snack by purchasing a bag of delicious bag of dog jerky treats. If you have questions about which treats would complement your dog’s individual diet or would like assistance choosing a flavor that with delight your dog, we encourage you to speak with a member of our highly-trained and dog-loving sales staff.